Best States to Sell Final Expense Insurance

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best states to sell final expense insurance. However, some factors that may contribute to success in this industry include a large population of senior citizens, high income levels, and a robust health insurance market. Additionally, states with high rates of life expectancy and low costs of living may also be good markets for final expense insurance sales.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which state is the best to sell final expense insurance. The first is the size of the senior population. The second is the overall health of seniors in that state.

And finally, you’ll want to look at how much life insurance seniors in that state actually have. Based on these factors, we’ve compiled a list of the best states to sell final expense insurance: 1. Florida – With over 4 million seniors, Florida has a large senior population.

What’s more, Florida ranks highly in terms of senior health. In fact, Florida ranks #2 out of all 50 states for healthy seniors 65+. This means there’s a high demand for final expense insurance products in Florida.

2. California – California also has a large senior population (over 3 million). However, what makes California an attractive market for final expense insurers is the low rate of life insurance ownership among seniors (only 36%). This leaves a lot of room for growth in the California market.

3. Texas – Although Texas doesn’t have as many seniors as some other states, it does rank highly in terms of senior health (#5 out of all 50 states). Additionally, Texans are more likely to own life insurance than seniors in other states (48% ownership rate). For these reasons, Texas is an excellent market for final expense insurers.

Worst States to Sell Life Insurance

The worst states to sell life insurance are those with the lowest life expectancy. This includes Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. These states have an average life expectancy of just over 74 years.

That’s nearly 10 years below the national average of 83 years. Why is this? Well, there are a number of factors at play.

For one, these states have high rates of poverty and poor access to healthcare. They also have high rates of obesity and smoking. All of these factors contribute to a shorter lifespan.

As a result, selling life insurance in these states can be difficult. Insurance companies often charge higher premiums in states with low life expectancies. And because people in these states tend to die younger, they don’t need life insurance for as long as people in other states do.

If you’re thinking about selling life insurance, you may want to avoid these three states. Instead, focus on selling in states with healthier populations and longer lifespans.

How Much Can You Make Selling Final Expense Insurance?

As an insurance agent, you have the potential to earn a great income selling final expense insurance. Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance that helps cover funeral and burial costs. It can be an important policy for people to have in place so their loved ones are not left with the burden of these expenses.

How much you can earn selling final expense insurance depends on a number of factors, such as your experience, your production levels, the company you work for, and the commissions they offer. Commissions on final expense policies tend to be higher than other types of life insurance policies because they are typically sold to older adults who have a limited life expectancy. This means there is less risk for the insurance company and they are willing to pay out more in commissions.

The average commission on a final expense policy is about 10%, but it can range from 5-20%. So, if you sell a $10,000 policy, you could earn anywhere from $500-$2,000 in commissions. Of course, the amount you ultimately earn will depend on how many policies you sell and what kind of production levels you reach.

Some top producers in the final expense industry make well over $100,000 per year!

Is Selling Final Expense Insurance Hard?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Selling final expense insurance can be difficult because it is a sensitive topic and people are often not comfortable talking about death and their own mortality. However, it can also be an easy sell because many people recognize the need for this type of coverage and are willing to purchase it.

The key is to find the right approach that works for you and your potential clients.

What Type of Insurance Sales Pays the Most?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on a number of factors, including the type of insurance being sold, the company selling it, the location of the sale, and the experience and skills of the salesperson. However, we can take a look at some general trends to get an idea of which types of insurance sales tend to pay more than others. Life insurance sales typically pay higher commissions than other types of insurance, since they involve larger policy amounts and usually require more complex sales strategies.

Health insurance sales may also pay relatively high commissions, although this can vary depending on the type of health insurance being sold (e.g., group vs. individual plans). Property and casualty insurance sales may not always be as lucrative as life or health insurance sales, but they can still provide good commission rates if the policies being sold are for high-value items such as homes or automobiles.

What is the Best Final Expense Insurance Company?

There are a few things to look for when finding the best final expense insurance company. The most important factor is finding a company that is financially stable and has a good rating with A.M. Best or another similar organization.

You also want to find a company that offers premiums that fit your budget and offers coverage that meets your needs. Additionally, it’s helpful to find a company with good customer service so that you can get help when you need it.

Insurance Telesales! How Many States Do You Need??


There are a few things to consider when determining the best state to sell final expense insurance. The first is the size of the potential market. A large state with a lot of people is obviously going to be a better place to sell insurance than a small state with fewer people.

The second thing to consider is the demographics of the state. If the population is older, they will be more likely to need final expense insurance. If the population is younger, they will be less likely to need it.

Finally, you should consider the competition in each state. Some states have a lot of insurance agents selling final expense insurance, while others have very few. The best state to sell final expense insurance is one that has a large potential market and relatively little competition.

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