Why is My Ex Talking to My Friends?

Your ex may be talking to your friends for a number of reasons. They may be trying to get information about you or they may simply enjoy speaking with them. If you are concerned about why your ex is talking to your friends, you can always ask them directly.

If you’re wondering why your ex is talking to your friends, there could be a few different reasons. Maybe they’re trying to get information about you from your friends, or they’re hoping to run into you at one of your friend’s houses. Either way, it’s probably not a good sign that they’re still talking to your friends.

If you’re worried about what they might be saying to your friends, try asking them directly. If they refuse to tell you or make up some excuse, then it’s probably best to just stay away from them altogether. No good can come from staying in contact with someone who clearly doesn’t want to be honest with you.

Why is My Ex Still Texting My Friends?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: why is my ex still texting my friends? The answer, unfortunately, is not always clear. Sometimes, exes continue to text our friends because they want to stay in touch and remain friendly.

Other times, they may be hoping to stir up trouble or cause drama. And in rarer cases, they could simply be trying to get information about you from your friends. If your ex is still texting your friends, it’s important to approach the situation with caution.

If you’re feeling confident and comfortable doing so, you can directly ask your ex why they’re still texting your friends. But if you’re not sure how to handle the situation or don’t feel like dealing with your ex directly, you can always talk to your friends about it first. See how they feel about the situation and whether or not they’re okay with continuing to receive texts from your ex.

You may also want to consider changing your own number and/or blocking your ex’s number to put an end to the unwanted communication once and for all.

Why Does My Ex Want to Be Friends With My Friends?

If you’re wondering why your ex wants to be friends with your friends, there are a few possible explanations. First, it could be that they simply enjoy the company of your friends and want to keep up those relationships. Alternatively, it could be that they’re hoping to stay in your life in some capacity and figure that being friends with your friends is one way to do that.

Finally, it’s also possible that they’re trying to get information about you from your friends or gather dirt on you in some way. If you suspect any of these motives, it’s best to keep your distance and not allow them into your friend group.

Is It Okay to Talk to Your Friends Ex?

It’s a gray area. If you were never close with the person to begin with, or if it was a mutual break-up with no hard feelings, then sure, go ahead and talk to their ex. But if there’s any history there – even if it’s just that you know they had a really tough break-up – it’s best to steer clear.

You don’t want to be the person who gets in the middle of things or inadvertently makes either person feel uncomfortable.

What to Do When Your Ex Flirts With Your Best Friend?

It can be really tough when your ex flirts with your best friend. If you’re still hung up on your ex, it can feel like a knife to the heart every time you see them flirting with someone else – let alone someone you care about. But there are ways to deal with this situation that can help you move on and even protect your friendship in the process.

First, it’s important to remember that just because your ex is flirting with your best friend, it doesn’t mean they’re actually interested in them. Oftentimes people will flirt as a way to get attention or make themselves feel better after a breakup. So don’t take it personally – they’re likely not doing it to hurt you on purpose.

Second, if you are still friends with your ex, try to talk to them about their behavior and how it’s making you feel. Chances are they didn’t realize how their actions were affecting you and would be willing to stop if they knew how much pain they were causing. However, if they continue to flirt with your best friend despite knowing how upset it makes you, then maybe it’s time to cut ties with them completely.

Lastly, if the flirting is bothersome but not enough to ruin your friendship with your best friend, try distancing yourself from the situation by spending less time around them when your ex is around. This way you won’t have to see them flirting and can focus on enjoying your own company instead.

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My Ex Ignores Me But Talks to My Friends

If you’re wondering why your ex is still talking to your friends but ignoring you, there could be a few reasons. Maybe they need closure and feel like they can’t get that from you. Or maybe they’re just trying to stay in your life indirectly by keeping up with your friends.

Either way, it’s probably not a good sign for your future relationship (if you even want to get back together). If you’re feeling ignored and upset, talk to your friends about it and see if they can help give you some insight into what’s going on with your ex.


Your ex talking to your friends can be confusing and frustrating. Here are some possible reasons why they might be doing it. 1. They want to get information about you from your friends.

2. They want to see if your friends still like them or if they have changed their opinion of them since the breakup. 3. They may be trying to make you jealous by talking to your friends, especially if they are people you are interested in dating yourself. 4. It could simply be that they miss the social interaction and connection that comes from talking to people who know you well.

If your ex is talking to your friends, it’s important to communicate with them about what you’re comfortable with and set boundaries as needed. You don’t have to let them into every aspect of your life, but letting them talk to your friends once in a while can help everyone move on from the relationship more easily.

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