What Happens to Marriage Certificates After Divorce?

A divorce certificate is an official document that proves that a marriage has ended. Once a divorce is finalized, the couple is no longer married and the divorce certificate serves as proof of this. The divorce certificate may be used to remarry or to change legal documents, such as a driver’s license or passport.

After a divorce, the court will keep the original copy of the divorce certificate and each person will receive a certified copy.

If you’re getting divorced, what happens to your marriage certificate? It’s an important question since the marriage certificate is a legal document that proves you’re married. In most cases, the court will keep the original marriage certificate and issue each spouse a certified copy.

Once the divorce is final, the court will also send a certified copy of the divorce decree to both spouses. These documents can be used to show that you’re no longer married and can help you change your name on official documents like your driver’s license or passport.

How Long to Keep Marriage Certificate After Divorce?

Divorce is never an easy process, and one of the many things you have to think about during this time is what to do with your marriage certificate. It’s important to keep in mind that your divorce decree is not the same as your marriage certificate, and it’s actually vital that you hang onto your marriage certificate even after your divorce is final. Here’s a look at how long you should keep your marriage certificate after divorce, and why it’s so important.

Your marriage certificate is an official document that proves you were legally married. While your divorce decree proves that your marriage has ended, your marriage certificate still stands as proof that you were once married. This can be important for a number of reasons, such as if you ever remarry or need to prove your marital status for immigration purposes.

For these reasons, it’s generally advised that you keep your marriage certificate indefinitely. Of course, hanging onto a physical copy of such an important document can be risky. If possible, try to get a digital copy of your marriage certificate that you can store safely on your computer or in the cloud.

That way, even if something happens to the physical copy, you’ll still have a backup. If getting a digital copy isn’t possible or practical for some reason, then make sure to keep the physical copy in a safe place where it won’t get lost or damaged. A fireproof safe or home security system would both be good options here.

In short, hang onto your marriage certificate after divorce just as you would any other important legal document – indefinitely!

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Virginia?

In the state of Virginia, you are able to remarry after your divorce is finalized. This means that you must have a signed and notarized divorce decree before you can marry again. There is no waiting period in Virginia, so once your divorce is final, you are free to remarry.

What Happens to Marriage Certificate After Divorce Uk?

When a married couple in the UK divorces, they must apply for a divorce certificate from the court. This document officially ends their marriage and allows them to remarry if they so choose. The process of applying for a divorce certificate is relatively simple and can be done online or by post.

Once the application is approved, the court will send out the divorce certificate to both parties involved.

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, you can remarry after your divorce is final. There is no waiting period.

Can My Husband Divorced Me Without Me Knowing?

The answer to this question depends on the laws of the state in which you reside. If you live in a state that allows for no-fault divorce, then your husband can divorce you without your knowledge. However, if you live in a state that requires one party to fault the other for the divorce, then your husband would need to serve you with divorce papers and give you notice of the proceedings.

In either case, it is always best to consult with an attorney to discuss your specific situation and ensure that your rights are protected.

We don’t need Divorce because there is no marriage Certificate! Can we remarry without Divorce?


After a divorce, the marriage certificate is typically sent to the state’s vital records office. The certificate is then placed in a public record and can be accessed by anyone who requests it.

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