Can I Receive Communion If I Married a Divorced Man?

If you are divorced and have remarried, you may still receive communion in the Catholic Church. However, your situation will need to be reviewed by a priest or deacon to ensure that you meet the requirements for receiving communion. In order to be eligible to receive communion, you must:

-Be married in the Catholic Church or have your marriage convalidated by the Church -Be living in fidelity with your spouse -Not be living in an objective state of sin

-Have been granted an annulment from the Church if you were previously married If you are divorced and have not remarried, you are still eligible to receive communion as long as you are not living in an objective state of sin.

  • Check with your local parish to see if they have any restrictions on communion for divorced individuals
  • If there are no restrictions, speak with your husband about his intentions regarding communion
  • If he is not planning on taking communion, you may still receive communion yourself
  • However, if he is planning on taking communion, you will need to obtain a dispensation from your bishop in order to do so

I’m Divorced. May I Receive Holy Communion?

Can a Divorced And Remarried Catholic Go to Confession

Catholics who are divorced and remarried can go to confession, but there are some restrictions. In order to receive absolution, they must express a sincere intention to avoid sexual relations with their current partner. If they are unable to do so, they can still receive communion by abstaining from sex and confessing their sins regularly.

Can a Catholic Who Married a Divorced Person Receive Communion?

Yes, a Catholic who married a divorced person can receive Communion. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that “the divorced are not excommunicated, and they can and should be encouraged to participate in the life of the Church” (CCC 1650). However, if they remarry without having their first marriage annulled, then they are not able to receive Communion.

What Happens If a Catholic Marries a Divorced Person?

If a Catholic marries a divorced person, the Church requires that they obtain an annulment before the marriage can be recognized as valid. An annulment is a declaration from the Church that a marriage was never validly contracted. In order for an annulment to be granted, it must be shown that there were grounds for the marriage to be invalid from the beginning.

Some of the grounds that could invalidate a marriage are if one of the parties was already married if either party was not free to marry (due to being underaged or having taken vows of celibacy), or if the consent of either party was forced. If an annulment is granted, then both parties are free to remarry in the Church.

Who Cannot Receive Communion?

There are a few different groups of people who are unable to receive communion. The first group is composed of those who have not been baptized. In order to receive communion, one must be a baptized Christian.

This means that anyone who is not baptized, regardless of their religion, cannot receive communion. The second group consists of those who have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Excommunication is a serious penalty that can be given to Catholics who violate certain rules or teachings of the Church.

Once someone has been excommunicated, they are no longer considered a member of the Church and are therefore ineligible to receive communion. The third and final group consists of those who are in a state of mortal sin. Mortal sin is a grave offense against God that cuts off our relationship with Him.

If we die in a state of mortal sin, we will go to hell for eternity. Therefore, it is important to confess our sins and strive to live in a state of grace so that we may be worthy to receive Communion and spend eternity with God in heaven instead.

Is It a Sin to Date a Divorced Man Catholic?

No, it is not a sin to date a divorced man in the Catholic faith. While divorce is certainly not encouraged, there are circumstances in which it is necessary and acceptable. Therefore, dating someone who has been through a divorce is not sinful.

However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that they may have some baggage from their previous relationship. It is also worth noting that Catholics are not supposed to remarry after getting divorced, so if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you may want to consider this before getting too serious with someone who has been divorced.


If you are divorced and remarried, you may still be able to receive communion in the Catholic Church. The Church does not condone divorce but recognizes that it sometimes happens. If you are in a second marriage, you must first obtain an annulment from the Church before you can remarry the Church.

Once you have done this, you should speak to your priest about receiving communion.

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