How to Change Your Name Legally When You Get Married?

If you’re getting married and want to change your name, there are a few things you need to do. First, you’ll need to update your social security card with your new name. You can do this by filling out an application form at the Social Security Administration office or online.

Then, you’ll need to change your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Head over to the DMV with your marriage certificate and identification to fill out the necessary paperwork. Lastly, don’t forget to update your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial documents with your new name!

  • You will need to file a petition with the court in the county where you live
  • You will need to include your full legal name, your newly chosen name, and your spouse’s full legal name
  • The petition must be signed by both you and your spouse in front of a notary public or licensed marriage officiant
  • You will need to pay a filing fee, which varies by state
  • Once the petition is filed, the court will schedule a hearing date and notify you and your spouse of the date and time
  • At the hearing, the judge will ask you questions about your decision to change your name and whether or not you are doing so for any fraudulent purposes
  • 7 If everything is in order, the judge will sign an order changing your name

How to Change Your Legal Name after Marriage (In California) Part 1

How Do You Change Your Name When Marrying?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to change your name when marrying. The first step is to obtain a marriage license from the county clerk’s office where the marriage will be taking place. Once you have the marriage license, you can then apply for a new Social Security card with your new name.

To do this, you will need to fill out an application and send it in along with proof of your identities, such as a birth certificate or passport, and proof of your name change, which would be the marriage license. You can also change your driver’s license and other identification documents to reflect your new name. To do this, you will need to bring in the required documentation, such as the marriage license, and fill out the necessary forms.

After changing your name on all of your identification documents, you can then start using your new name immediately.

What Do I Need to Change When I Get Married?

There are a few things you’ll need to change when you get married. Here’s a look at some of the most important: 1. Your last name – When you get married, you’ll usually take your spouse’s last name.

This is a big change, so make sure you’re comfortable with it before you tie the knot. 2. Your address – Once you’re married, your spouse will likely become your primary residence. You’ll need to change your address on everything from your driver’s license to your bank accounts.

3. Your financial situation – Marriage often comes with joint finances, so be prepared to combine your money with your spouse’s. This means making decisions together about things like credit cards, investments, and savings accounts. 4. Your insurance coverage – Getting married usually means changing your health insurance coverage to include your spouse (and potentially any children as well).

You may also need to update your life insurance policy and create or adjust wills and Powers of Attorney accordingly. 5. Your relationship status – Of course, this one is pretty obvious!

Do I Have to Change My Name on My Bank Account After Marriage?

If you are changing your name after marriage, you will need to notify your bank of the change so that they can update their records. You do not need to close your existing account and open a new one, but you will need to provide proof of your name change (e.g., a copy of your marriage certificate). Once the bank has updated its records, it will issue you a new debit card and checks with your new name.

If you have joint accounts with your spouse, both names will need to be changed on those accounts.

What Do I Need to Update After Getting Married Uk?

If you’re getting married in the UK, there are a few things you’ll need to update. Here’s a quick rundown: 1. Your passport – if you change your name, you’ll need to get a new passport.

You can do this by sending off your old passport, a completed form, and some photos to the Passport Office. 2. Your driving license – again, if you change your name you’ll need to update this document. The process is similar to updating your passport – fill out a form and send it off to the DVLA.

3. Your bank accounts and other financial documents – notify your bank of your change of name so that they can update your account details accordingly. You’ll also need to update any other financial documents in your names, such as investments or insurance policies. 4. Your work contracts and benefits – let your employer know about your change of name so that they can update their records and payroll systems accordingly.

If you receive any benefits, such as tax credits or child benefits, you’ll need to inform the relevant authorities of your new name so that they can make the necessary changes to your payments. 5. Your personal documents – finally, don’t forget to update any other personal documents in your possession, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates (if applicable).

How Long Do You Have to Change Your Name After Getting Married

If you’ve recently gotten married, congratulations! While your life may feel like it’s turned upside down in the best way possible, one thing that’s probably on your mind is whether or not you need to change your name. The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no, but luckily we’re here to help clear things up.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not to change your name after marriage: 1. How long have you been using your current name? If you’ve been using your maiden name for many years (especially professionally), then changing your name after marriage may be more difficult than if you’ve only been using it for a short time.

Not only will you need to update all of your official documents, but people who know you by your maiden name may have a hard time adjusting to the change. 2. Does changing your name fit with your personal brand? If you have a strong personal brand that’s built around your maiden name, then changing it after marriage could do more harm than good.

Consider how important maintaining and growing your personal brand is before making any decisions about changing your name.

How to Change Last Name in Texas After Marriage

In Texas, as in most states, you can change your last name after marriage without going through any legal process. All you need to do is start using your new last name consistently and inform the relevant parties of your name change. Your new last name will become your legal name after a period of time.

If you want to update your government identification documents (driver’s license, passport, social security card, etc.), you will need to show proof of your marriage. You can do this by presenting your original or certified copy of your marriage certificate. Once you have updated these documents, it is a good idea to also notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of your new name for tax purposes.

Changing your last name is an exciting part of getting married! If you have any questions about how to change your last name in Texas, please feel free to contact an experienced family law attorney for assistance.

Can You Change Your First Name When You Get Married

If you’ve ever wondered if you can change your first name when you get married, the answer is yes! In most states, all you need is a marriage license and to file a petition with the court. Some states may require additional steps, but in general, the process is relatively simple.

There are a few reasons why someone might want to change their first name after getting married. Perhaps they want to take their spouse’s last name and want their first name to match. Or maybe they simply don’t like their given first name and prefer a different one.

Whatever the reason, changing your first name upon getting married is definitely possible. Of course, there are also some drawbacks to consider before making this change. For instance, you’ll need to update your driver’s license, passport, social security card, and other documents with your new name.

This can be time-consuming and slightly inconvenient. Additionally, changing your first name could possibly cause confusion for friends and family members who are used to calling you by your given name. So if you’re considering changing your first name after getting married, weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

It’s ultimately up to you whether or not this change is right for you – so go with whatever will make you happiest in the long run!


When you get married, you have the option of legally changing your name. If you decide to change your name, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you need to update your Social Security card.

To do this, you will need to fill out an application and submit it along with a copy of your marriage certificate. Next, you will need to change the name on your driver’s license. You can usually do this by visiting your local DMV office and presenting them with your marriage certificate.

Finally, you’ll need to update your passport if you plan on traveling outside of the country.

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