Can Snapchat Messages Be Recovered for Court?

In a world where people are constantly sharing their thoughts and experiences with friends and family online, there is always the possibility that something they say or do could be used against them in court. While most social media platforms have some form of privacy protection built into their system, Snapchat is known for its ephemeral nature, meaning that messages disappear after being viewed. However, this does not mean that Snapchat messages cannot be recovered for court cases.

Can the police retrieve Snapchat messages?

In a criminal case, law enforcement may subpoena Snapchat for any unopened Snaps and Chats sent to or from the user’s account. However, if the user has opened Snap or Chat, those cannot be retrieved by Snapchat. The same goes for deleted Snaps and Chats—once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

This poses a problem for law enforcement, as many criminals use Snapchat thinking that their messages will disappear forever after being opened. However, if those messages are part of an ongoing criminal investigation, law enforcement can get their hands on them—and use them as evidence in court.

How Far Back Can Snapchat Messages Be Recovered

As of September 2018, Snapchat messages can be recovered by the sender up to one hour after they are sent. After that, they are permanently deleted from Snapchat’s servers. This means that if you accidentally delete a message or it is lost for any other reason, you will not be able to retrieve it.

There are third-party apps that claim to be able to recover Snapchat messages, but we do not recommend using them as they may violate Snapchat’s terms of service and put your account at risk.

Can Court Subpoena Snapchat Messages?

There are a few ways to subpoena Snapchat messages. One is to convince the person who has them to send them to you voluntarily. This is usually done by getting that person to sign a waiver allowing you access to the messages.

The second way is to get a court order. This requires going through the legal process and convincing a judge that there is a good reason for you to have access to the messages. The third way is to hack into Snapchat’s servers and retrieve the messages yourself.

This is obviously illegal and not recommended.

Can You Get Snapchat Records for Court?

When it comes to Snapchat, the answer to whether or not you can obtain records for the court is a bit complicated. While Snapchat does have a record of all the snaps that are sent and received, this data is stored in such a way that makes it very difficult (if not impossible) to obtain. Even if you were able to obtain this data, it would likely be inadmissible in court due to Snapchat’s self-destructing nature.

So while you may not be able to use Snapchat as evidence in court, there are other ways to collect the data you need. For example, if you believe someone has Snapchatted something incriminating, you could try asking them directly for the screenshot or recording. If they refuse, then you could subpoena their phone records which would show any outgoing Snapchats.

However, obtaining phone records can be difficult and time-consuming so it’s important to weigh your options before taking this route.


Snapchat messages can be recovered for court cases, but the process is complicated and requires special software. There are a few companies that offer this service, but it is expensive and may not be worth it in every case.

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